Meet the Team

Picture of Dave Stockbridge

Dave Stockbridge - Director

Dave Stockbridge holds enviable reputation amongst his peers as one of the finest agents the Northern suburbs has produced.

Very few agents enjoy the sheer volume of return and referral business that Dave attracts such is his long history of selling successful in the area beyond.

Dave Stockbridge has the experience, the knowledge, the strategies and successful outcomes to be able to give you the best advice on whatever it is in real estate you are considering.

Mobile: 0413 089 910

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Picture of Jarrod Van Haasteren

Jarrod Van Haasteren - Sales Associate

With a long background of client development management which brings a wealth of experience from the corporate world and having occupied international posts with a global telecommunications conglomerate Jarrod was able to easily transfer his skills and apply them in a real estate setting.

Jarrod’s natural empathy and genuine nature imbibes confidence in him immediately, Jarrod endeavours to understand his client’s needs and then works with them to achieve the results they are seeking in a time and way that suits the client.

We are proud to have someone of Jarrod’s calibre within our sales department. Selling ability and managerial prowess aside he is someone we know you would love working with too.

Mobile: 0411 535 712

Office: 08 7073 6888

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Picture of Andy White

Andy White - Sales Associate

Andy White is one of the nicest, personable and engaging people you are likely to meet in your life.

Known by reputation as one of our industries best communicators, Andy is known for having a phone to his ear day in day out and enjoys an abundance of referral business as everyone wants to tell their friends about someone who works hard, gives their all to their clients and loves every second of it.

Andy’s enthusiasm is contagious, his personality and energy infectious and his service and passion is without peer.
Andy White’s business has grown over the last decade working in real estate and his clients have moved all over the state so unlike many agents that ''suggest" they are area specialists, Andy actually is and area specialist! Andy holds strong beliefs that he needs to go wherever his clients need him to be and that makes him a ‘real estate’ and ‘people’ specialist and working with real estate and people is what Andy does best!

Highly respected amongst his peers, awarded by the industry and loved by his clients Andy loves what he does and you will love what he will do for you!

Mobile: 0413 949 493

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Picture of Paige Frith

Paige Frith - Client Relations and Service Delivery

Paige is of a new generation of real estate professionals that know that creating relationships that last and delivering WOW every time matter more than ever before.

Helpful, professional and always at your service Paige brings the process of sale seamlessly.

Office: 08 70 73 6888

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Picture of Miami Kimayong

Miami Kimayong - Executive Assistant

Miami comes to REAL with impressive skills accrued in the medical, governance and administrative fields and now applied to assisting in the management and administration of client care at REAL. We are proud to have Miami as part of our team delivering even better outcomes for our clients!

Office: 7132 5473

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Bec Austin - Accounts

Office: 7073 6888

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